243 Winchester Brass Ammo

243 Winchester Brass Ammo For Sale

The  243 Winchester Brass Ammo is a popular sporting rifle cartridge. Developed as a versatile short action cartridge to hunt both medium game and small game alike, it “took whitetail hunting by storm” when introduced in 1955, and remains one of the most popular whitetail deer cartridges. It is also commonly used for harvesting blacktail deerpronghorns and mule deer with heavier rounds, and is equally suited to varmint hunting with lighter rounds. The .243 is based on a necked down .308 Winchester, introduced only three years earlier. Expanding monolithic copper bullets of approximately 80 to 85 grains or traditional lead rounds of 90 to 105 grains with controlled expansion designs are best suited for hunting medium game, while lighter rounds are intended for varmints.

Performance of 243 Winchester brass ammo

Performance-wise, the .243 Winchester closely matches the 6mm Creedmoor but the .243 Win has more bullet and casing options, as well as more factory loadings and firearm options available.The .243 Win also has slightly more powder room, while the 6mm Creedmoor is usually loaded to slightly higher pressures.

With very little recoil, even less than that of the .30-30 Winchester cartridge introduced sixty years earlier, the .243 brought higher chamber pressures, larger powder volumes, and sharply tipped bullets, which all combine to lend the .243 more muzzle energy and far greater downrange energy than the .30-30 is able to achieve The .243 Winchester has also been found to shoot flatter and more accurately than the 7mm-08 Remington out to 500 yards, with less recoil yet also less terminal energy.

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