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17 Wsm ammo is a rimfire rifle cartridge developed by the ammunition company Winchester in 2012. It descended from the .27 caliber nail-gunblank by necking down the blank case to take a .17 caliber (4.5 mm) bullet. Initial loadings were with a 20-grain bullet, delivering muzzle velocities around 3,000 ft/s 

17 Wsm ammo 
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              17 wsm ammo vs 17 hmr

PerformanceComparison: Trajectory
and Drift

The 17 Wsm ammo sends a 20 grain bullet out at
3000 fps, whereas the 17hmr  is sending a 17
grain bullet at 2550 fps. That makes for
some difference in the field, with the HMR
granting an MPBR of 165 yards, whereas
the WSM can do it with 205 yards (I’m
running calculations for gopher-sized
targets). That’s an extra 40 yards of non-
adjusted range. More impressive is the wind
drift difference. With a 10 mph crosswind,
at 100 yards the WSM will drift 1.6 inches
vs the HM at 3.1 inches over. That could
be the difference between a hit and a miss.
Quick numbers: (MPBR is for gophers:
vertical target size of 3″)
17 WSM 20 grain: 3000 FPS: .18BC:
MPBR: 205 yards Energy: 400 ft Ibs
1 WSM 25 grain: 2600 FPS: 23BC:
MPBR: 186 yards Energy: 375 ft-Ibs
17 HMR 17 grain: 2550 FPS: I28BC:
MPBR: 165 yards Energy: 245 ft-lbs

Where to buy 17 Wsm ammo in stock

17 Wsm ammo is a rimfire rifle cartridge developed by the ammunition company Winchester. Find your best quality 17 Wsm ammo in our stock with Varieties of brands from Winchester like including Varmint HV 17 Winchester Super Magnum with a 20-grain
polymer-tipped projectile rated at 3,000
FPS, Varmint HE 17 Winchester Super
Magnum with a 25-grain polymer-tipped
projectile rated at 2,600 fps, and Varmint-X
17 Winchester Super Magnum which is
available with a lead-free 15-grain polymer
tipped projectile, rated at 3,300 FPS. Buy in stock from us in order to obtain a %10 discount on payment via zelle or cashap.

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